Should I Register Domain Name Free of Charge: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Domain Name Registration

Read this article and discover the advantages and disadvantages of free domain name registration and determine whether or not should you register domain name free of charge!

If you are starting a new website or blog and you are on a limited budget, you probably will go for a free domain name registration! But, before you do so, read the advantages and disadvantages of using a free domain and then decide whether or not this is a smart decision for you.

There are various methods to use and register a domain name free of charge. You can use free domain services and add domain extensions such as .tk, cc., .co, and others or you can purchase a web hosting package and get a free domain at the same time.

Here are the advantages of using free domains:

  • Free domain for one year – The free domains are usually registered for 1 year. This is a great option for you if you are planning on keeping your website or blog alive for one year or less.
  • Useful for college fest websites and events – The free domains are helpful for websites of events, college fests, competitions, and etc. These websites are usually used only until the completion of the event, so, if you are planning on registering a free domain for this type of sites, this is a great option as it will help you save a lot of money.
  • Helpful for simple bloggers – The free domains are great for bloggers who are interested in maintaining a blog just up to a period of one year.
  • Useful in web development – Registering a domain name for free is helpful in developing a website, especially if you are on a tight budget.
  • Excellent option for short period websites – There are a lot of short period websites that depend on free domain names so they can save money.
  • If you want to know more advantages of having your own domain then using Shopify is a great start, not only is one of the best ecommerce platforms in the web but it also has a free 14-day trial for you to find the best domain name according to your needs. 

Here are the disadvantages of using free domains:

  • SEO unfriendly – The free domains can be easily indexed in Google. If you appreciate the importance of SEO and you are serious about your online business, forget about free domains and buy a domain name.
  • Limited service – The free domain name registration usually lasts for one year. After that, you need to pay if you want to renew the domain. As we said, this is great for short period websites, but for serious websites and online business it is not the smartest or a recommended option. If you want to develop a website for a longer period and you want to build a brand out of it, then don’t go for free domain names.
  • You may lose your rankings, all of your visitors, and backlinks after one year – Keep in mind that when you go for a free domain you may lose your rankings, all of your visitors, and backlinks after one year. If these factors are important to you, and they should be, you will buy a domain name.
  • No guarantee of showing in search engines – There is a possibility for Google to ban the free domain names. If something like this happens, your website or blog will be no more visible in search engines.


As you can see, there are good things and there are bad things when it comes to using free domains. Now that you are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages, you need to analyze your plan, determine your needs and goals, and decide whether or not a free domain is a suitable option for you at this moment.